Circus Street

Brighton’s new social, cultural and economic Quarter. Regenerating the circus street Area.
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Creativity on the car park

University of Brighton final year sculpture student Hella Keck has used the soon-to-be-demolished car park on Circus Street for an installation piece as part of her degree course.

The installation consists of a 6x4ft glass greenhouse with orange lights and a machine circulating fog inside to create an arificial internal weather system. The unititled piece is an exploration of space and light and the interplay between the natural and unnatural.

Earlier in the year Hella also used the Circus Street Market building for her installation Medusa (Latin for Jellyfish) which was composed of a free hanging parachute which was moved in waves by a wind machine. The space was filled with underwater sounds intending to enhance the idea of the parachute as a living organism.

It seems Brightonians love to study the weather. Earlier in the year Circus Street played host to the Brighton Festival event "Guage" which transformed the market space into a sonic playground of investigation into weather, water and scale. 

Images courtesy of Hella Keck