Circus Street

Brighton’s new social, cultural and economic Quarter. Regenerating the circus street Area.
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Work has started on the regeneration of the area, demolishing the derelict market space and building a new, vibrant part of the city.

Local demolition and salvage experts Dorton Group have begun work to on the Circus Street market.  All timber from the demolition works will be used for board making and bio mass fuel. All steel will be re-used and all hard core and concrete will be kept on site to be used on the site construction of the new Circus Street development. Any waste will go to a transfer station for further sorting.

Neighbouring residents are our first priority and we are taking your concerns about noise, vibrations, contractor parking, alarms at night, security and dust directly to our two building contractor teams and we’ll come back to you at the next TAP meeting with how we’re going to address these.

If you need to call a member of the team on site then please contact:

Jane Lawrence | Project Liaison
Tel. 01444 253 333

Duke Harvey | Project Director
Tel. 07836 282 898

Ross Gardiner | Site Manager
Tel: 07920 161 217

Thank you to all who attended the Residents’ Liaison meeting at the TAP on the 17th September. Your concerns are important to us and we hope you found it useful to meet the Dorton Group, the contractor undertaking the initial demolition works.