Circus Street

Brighton’s new social, cultural and economic Quarter. Regenerating the circus street Area.
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Week days: 7AM - 7PM

Saturdays: 8AM - 1PM

Site occupation is permitted from 07.00 to 19.00, Monday to Friday and 08.00 to 13.00 on Saturday. Noisy working may only be undertaken during the hours of 08.00 to 18.00, Monday to Friday and 09.00 to 13.00 on Saturday with no works happening Saturday afternoons, Sundays, bank or public holidays.

DUST: Our team will be using water to keep down dust during the works.

SECURITY: The site is secured with hoardings, gates and 24 hours monitored CCTV.

TRAFFIC: UKPN are due to undertake some service diversion work on at the bottom of Morley Street and Kingswood Street in preparation for the final demolition works. UKPN will arrange traffic management as part of these works which will take approximately 2 weeks to complete.

HOARDING: The hoarding line will be changing in the coming weeks, moving further out into Circus Street and around the University building. Parking will be suspended on the east side of Circus Street.

NOISE: Henry construction aim to minimise noise and vibration by:

• Positioning plant away from site boundaries and noise sensitive areas whenever practical and carrying out noisy activity away from noise sensitive areas closest to the existing buildings.

• Erecting solid hoarding around the perimeters of the site.

• Carefully selecting methods and plant to minimise the potential for noise generation.

• Ensuring that each potential noise generating activity is carried out with appropriate noise reduction.

• Only using compressors, percussion tools and vehicles which are fitted with effective silencers.

• Ensuring plant is inspected and maintained at regular intervals.

• Inducting all trade contractors so that they are aware of acceptable noise levels to be produced without causing undue disruption to residents and the local community.

• Loading and unloading of vehicles, dismantling of equipment such as scaffolding or moving of equipment or materials around site will be conducted in such a manner as to minimise noise generation.

• Not using transistor radios on site.

• Switching off plant and equipment when not in use.



• We will continue our piling operations across the site and start forming the pile caps (thick concrete mats that rests on the concrete piles which have been driven into the ground to provide foundations for the building) and ground beams underneath the student accommodation. During this period we will also start our drainage operations which will involve the construction of all our foul and storm manholes.

• The student accommodation blocks will begin to rise out of the ground with concrete for the columns and floor slabs being poured regularly.

• We will complete our site set-up with the introduction of new cabins and office space for the site team. • Demolition of the University building will also occur during this period making way for the start of the dance studio and office block.

• This period will also see the erection of four of our tower cranes. These will not oversail neighbouring properties.

• The hoardings are due to be repainted and the hoarding line will move for safety reasons during the demolition of the annexe building.



• We will increase our wetting down in an effort to reduce dust produced from our works.

• We will be arranging window cleaning for properties facing the site.

• Please see opposite for our approach to minimise noise.

• Hoarding lights will be repaired.

• We will also consider site routes and vehicle movements to minimise requirements for vehicles to reverse on site.