Circus Street

Brighton’s new social, cultural and economic Quarter. Regenerating the circus street Area.
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A place that is welcoming, connecting and empowering

The new Circus Street will be a place where everyone benefits, enabling people to live sustainable, green, healthier lifestyles and creating a connected community with shared goals and ideals. This will help it to grow stronger and more vital to the city over time.

Every decision has been made to create a place that will be embraced by those who live, work, use, visit and enjoy Circus Street. Carefully knitted into the surrounding urban fabric, the proposed development would draw locals into an active and engaging environment in which they feel compelled to participate and empowered to live better.

The plans are for Circus Street to welcome the local community with a convenient variety of access points. The Circus Street development will also be safe, supported by Secured By Design principles of designing out crime through physical security processes and natural surveillance.

We understand that sustainability is only as good as the behaviour it encourages. As such, through the building process every person on our team will practise what they preach. Brighton & Hove has a desire to become the UK's first truly sustainable city. Circus Street would be guided by the same principles.

Energy- efficient buildings: reducing carbon from buildings and delivering green energy through renewable technologies.

Zero waste: reducing waste; reusing where possible; sending zero waste to landfill.

Sustainable transport: encouraging low carbon modes of transport to reduce emission; minimising the need to travel. 

Sustainable materials: using sustainable, locally sourced materials.

Sustainable water: using water more efficiently in building and in the products we buy; tackling local flooding and water course pollution.

Land use and wildlife: protecting and restoring biodiversity, natural habitats and conservation through appropriate land use and intergration into the built environment.

Equity and local economy: Supporting fair employment, inclusive communities and international fair trade.

Health and happiness: encouraging active, sociable, meaningful living to promote good health and wellbeing.

Culture and community: reviving local identity and supporting and participating in the arts.