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Love your bike week & THE SPIN | February 2014, Circus St Market. GET ON YOUR BIKES AND RIDE!

Love Your Bike Week was a great success. 80 unused bikes were donated to the Circus Street Market Bike Hub during the week and will now be recycled by the Groundwork South charity volunteers. 250 people visited drop in sessions during the week and a further 800 people came to The Spin event.

Felix Brent, English Gent and his Penny Farthing joined circus perfomers on Saturday for The Spin. Nik Robson AKA Felix Brent - who holds the Guinness World Record for the most jumps on a Penny Farthing -  juggled, unicycled and at one point jumped over some brave volunteers on his BMX bike. Jem was the tallest cyclist in the room, juggling and entertaining the crowds on stilts and his super size, comedy stilt bike.

There were circus acts and skills workshops from Shambolic Sideshow, bike related challenges with South Coast Sprints' roller bicycle challenge and Shoretrax mountainbike Pump Track.  We also had displays by metal artist Alan Williams, and visitors could try out Nick Sayers Cycle Spirograph or get involved with art and craft workshops by Paul and Rowena Yarde and Colurwheel by Boo Hodges.

Bike it Ben's Smoothie Bike, Street Diner and Dark Star brought their delicious food and drinks. Help and advice about cycling was provided by a range of organisations and the lovely Circus Street Bike Hub team helped fixed bikes right there at the market.

The Bike Hub will continue at Circus Street and you can drop in on Thursdays and Saturdays 11am-5pm with your bikes.

Homepage photo: Southern News & Pictures Ltd. Event Photos: Steve Robards