Based in Hove, Heidi Joyce, has been commissioned by U+I, the developers of Circus Street, to manage the lawns, beds and planting in public squares and gardens in the new Circus Street cultural quarter of the city, including a community garden on Carlton Row for neighbouring residents. 


Heidi is not only creating a green space providing colour and habitat for wildlife in the heart of the city but she’s doing it in a sustainable way. “I run the gardens organically because it makes sense for the eco-system; we’re trying to create a wilderness here in the heart of the city and to encourage as diverse a population of wildlife as we can, while creating beautiful outdoor spaces with seating and pergolas for residents to enjoy,” she said.


“I’m really pleased with how Carlton Row has come into bloom for the people who live next door in Milner Flats and we have put an emphasis on edible planting, so that residents can enjoy some fruits from the garden. With the warmer weather, people are increasingly starting to enjoy the outdoor space which is starting to blossom and grow.”


Over 100 trees have been planted at Circus Street, which includes a huge new lawned square by the stunning new office space, an orchard and meadow garden among the new residential apartments and beds of shrubs and trees around the student bedroom blocks. 


A new addition to Brighton’s National Elm Collection, a 30-foot Ulmus ‘dodoens’ elm tree, chosen for its resistance to Dutch Elm Disease, forms the centrepiece next to the outdoor performance area by The Dance Space for South East Dance, opening in July. The gardens were conceived and designed by award-winning visionary landscape designers J & L Gibbons.


 “It’s great to work in such a varied and thriving community and to see everything coming to life as businesses move into the ground floor units and local people start to enjoy these beautiful outdoor spaces at Circus Street,” Heidi added.